Welcome to the Home of Fluorotrash

We are (to our knowledge) the first Psychedelic Fire Eating Pole Dancers in Britain.....possibly the world!

We started as 3 acrobatic Pole enthusiasts aiming to take Pole Dance to another level with UV lighting, light projection performances and by adding fire! This has enabled us to take our sport out of the strip clubs and into the main arena.

After making our debut at Glade Festival 2007 we have not looked back.........our shows have been performed all over the world from corporate events in India, top class weddings in Ibiza and boat parties on the River Danube in Budapest.

We have a number of members and can tailor the troupe to fit your event. We are also lucky enough to have built up quite a collection of costumes and characters over the years, from comedy burlesque  to psychedelic circus style performances to sensual strip shows, we cover it all!

We have had a brilliant time performing at famous club nights such as Manumission Ibiza, Synergy Project (Luminopolis), Megatripolis, Lost Vagueness, Glastonbury Festival, Secret Garden Party, Club Rub, the F club  and the Hellfire Club to name but a few. Our private Clients include celebrities and European Royals.

We love to perform Circus shows and at the Festivals and have had the privilege of working with top musical acts such as Cold Cut, Dreadzone, Dizzi Rascall as well as DJ's like Danny Rampling, Norman Cook, Steve Aoki, Dick Trevor, Laughing Buddah, Pogo and Gaudi.

As well as performing at all these fantastic events we also have our own production company and have many years experience in Party production......most of our events are for Charity.....not only because we like to help those in need, but also because we have discovered that a party put on for love, rather than cash, is the best kind of party! There is an atmosphere which could never be achieved at a profit making event.

We LURVE what we do! We spend all our time creating new concepts and costumes and lushing it up around our poles......so get in touch if you want some thing unique and cutting edge at YOUR event.

You can find us on Youtube.com/Fluorotrash as well as Myspace.com/Fluorotrash and our Facebook group.